Photographers' Time To Play- Save The Date

Open to any kind of photographer at any level. Come out and enjoy a day of shooting in downtown L.A! It'll be a great opportunity to meet others who also love photography and to shoot creatively with your friends. 

We'll be meeting in the parking lot of the Global Cafe, so we can then carpool together to the Universal City Metro Station close by. We'll all be catching the Red Line to Union Station where our main location of shooting will be. 

I'll be splitting everyone into teams where each team will receive a list of challenges to get during their shooting time. Please invite your friends to come out and model for us, so that each team will have models to work with.

After the shooting portion of the day we'll be meeting back at Union Station to take the Red Line back to Universal City where will then proceed back to the Global Cafe. 

Please also bring a laptop if you have one so that you can upload your photos. Once we're all back at the Global Cafe you'll turn in your shots from the day to me. 

We can put in an order for pizza for everyone and I'll put on some fun episodes on the screen while you wait to see everyone's photos. I'll be putting together a slideshow during that time so by the end of the night we can all watch and enjoy our day's work. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me :)

Can't wait to see everyone there!

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