San Diego- A Weekend Out Of Town

A couple weekends ago I drove down to San Diego with my roommates. I had a family session booked that weekend at Balboa Park, so I made it into a weekend trip and invited good company to come along with me. The couple hours drive down the coast of California is easily worth it when you get to enjoy a beautiful city like San Diego. 

I got the Napoleon (on the right), a very fruity but light dessert

Can someone tell me what's appetizing about this?

We met with our friend Nico who lives in the city

Briona and her gorgeous self!

On one of our walks I spotted a lone flower 
asking for some photo action.

I also like stopping for shots like these.

One of the restaurants that we briefly stopped at

Patricia and I

We stopped by this cafe that sold delicious cupcakes, 
like Briona's cheesecake berry-topped cupcake. 

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