Saverbot- Japanese Snacks Series

I recently completed my new series of Saverbot. For those who don't know, Saverbot is a little orange toy robot that I bought at a thrift store in Hawaii called, "Savers". It's been a few years now that I've used him on many of my shoots. During the holidays I was shopping at a local asian market and started sorting through all their colorful snacks when I figured it would be a cool idea to drop my toy robot into it. Silly, yes. But can it be visually interesting? Also, yes. At least, to me it is! Let me know which one is your favorite.

These prints will be going on sale at my first private show in a couple of weeks. I'm also offering to sell them online and for the first 3 buyers (starting now) to purchase one of these new prints will be getting a free surprise gift with it. Each vertical print will be 10x13 and framed; Each horizontal print will be 8x12 and framed so you can put them up on your wall right away. You may pick them up at my place to save on S&H and if not there is an additional S&H fee. Each vertical piece sells for $45 and each horizontal piece sells for $40. CA tax applies. Contact me on further steps to purchase one.

Thanks again for your support! I'll be showing these around town to see if any stores/cafes will be interested in buying copies. If you know anyone, let me know. Your kindness will make me jump for joy :)

"Saverbot's Drop Into Choco Snacks"

"Saverbot's Drop Into Nori Make Arare"

"Saverbot's Drop Into Pocky and Yan Yan"

"Saverbot's Drop Into Rice Crackers"

"Saverbot's Drop Into Pistachio Nuts"

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