Best of 08- Leisure Photos

I might have passed an invisible deadline to post best-of-blogs from last year, but I don't think it's too late to reminisce about it. After going through thousands of personal images I've selected a pool of favorites; the process of narrowing it down was as complicated as parents determining who their favorite kid is. You might recognize a lot of the images, but I tried including ones that I've never shared before. Let me know which ones you liked :)

"Live to Love", San Diego

Niña, Visalia Alley

Nadia & Rafeek, Ventura

Nikki & James, also in the many photos below 

Seattle Monorail

Seattle Space Needle by the Carnival

My Room In A Bed & Breakfast, Seattle

Sahand, North Hollywood

Olvera St., Los Angeles (also in the photo below)

Serendipity Cafe, New York

Smalls Jazz Club, New York

James & Victor, New York

Financial District, New York

James, Chinatown New York

Subway Tracks, Bronx New York

On The Roof of the Pod Hotel, New York

This and the five below are also from New York

I LOVE this one! :)

Niña and the concept of money, LA

Mina, Malibu

At the top of a hike, Oahu

Balboa Lake, San Fernando Valley

Kuru Kuru Sushi, Pearl City. The tuna ahi above in red is my favorite!!

Killer Angeles, LA

Josh, Visalia 

Johny, LA

James, LA

We found a secret beach, Hilo

Frankie in the front yard, Visalia

Niña's H.S. Graduation, Visalia

Frankie & Niña, Visalia

Angela grubbing on Mother's Day Filipino food, Visalia

Niña, Sherman Oaks Galleria

Ed, Downtown Fullerton

Tadros Family, Santa Clarita

Door In Field, Arminta House

LA Dodgers Game

Dan, Studio City

Buzz Light Year, Disneyland

Dane's Worship Concert, Studio City

Chino's Birthday Gift, LA

This and the three photos below are from Boston.

Bobbi, Pasadena 

Sunday In The Park, Balboa Lake

Paul, Alameda

Niña, Alameda

Alameda Shopping Center