Peter & Sheeba- Portrait Session

Their first date began what only a few special first dates do. It sparked a desire to know the other one intimately, as their best friend, and later down the road as husband and wife. If the person is right, then everything else that is ordinary becomes a thrill. Something like a hot dog on a stick...

After I took their first photo of them at our recent session, they told me that the background I shot them with was, in fact, what they had on their first date. I enjoy those little coincidences. :)

Enjoy some of my favorites below. This session was my wedding gift to them. A small way of saying, "You two are so sweet and rock together!"

Peter was a little worried that he'd pull on her scarf too tight.

Sheeba getting the veil on for the next set of photos.

Caution: Exit at fire door when the love gets too hot!

I love getting my subjects to laugh!

They're redeeming the "Tonto: Jump On It" dance 
that they didn't get to do on their wedding day.

This is a fabulous example of how I can take a bad photo!

But I can redeem, too, and take gorgeous shots like this!

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