Moo & Borrow Lenses Review

Below are images all captured with Canon's  50mm  f/1.2  lens. I recently rented it from Borrow Lenses.  It's basically like a Netflix for photographers where instead of renting movies you rent camera gear over the mail. A super smart concept if you ask me. So far, I am very happy with Borrow Lenses' service and I encourage you to give them a try!

The number one lens on my wish list.

The lens arrived barely two days after I placed the order. That's quick!
 It comes in good packaging with the lens safely protected. Also,
included is a return label. I've rented this baby for an entire month!

I enjoy giving new companies a try since I'm always looking for new products for my clients. I ordered a set of 20 postcards from Moo, a printing company in the UK. The packaging is very charming with an excited sticker sealing the wrapping over the postcards. Each postcard is of a different image, so it's a great way for my clients to choose up to 20 of their favorite photos to send out. After seeing the product, I am happy to announce that Moo postcards are now available for order through me. 

The next two photos are shots that my sister, Niña got of me while trying out the 50mm 1.2 lens.

We went for a walk up our street and found this nice spot.

My new favorite background that I found in the valley.

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