Teaching Photography

A part of my elementary years I lived in a small town in Kansas. Like any other kid I enjoyed biking to the local candy store, collecting donations for Jump Rope For Heart, and teaching science and art on the weekends in my garage. Yes, I kid you not. On those Saturday and Sunday afternoons I made sure every kid in my neighborhood was invited to my class. Most of them showed up, because in between schooling we'd have a 2 hour recess in my front yard and on the street. To them it didn't really feel any different than coming over my house to play, but for me I was no longer just a kid. I was a kid teacher! From getting the glue and construction paper together or pulling out my random astronomy facts I fell in love with every moment of teaching. So, looking back today I definitely see why that love remains a passion of mine. 

A couple of months ago I got an opportunity to work with YPI, a non-profit organization that offers education services to schools. I'm very privileged to teach digital photography at two high schools in the valley every week and I'm so blessed to have students who have a passion for photography attend my class. As an old chinese proverb says, "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do, and I understand." Teaching my class is just another way for me to further appreciate the many ways photography can inspire, impact, and serve others.

If you're a high school student at Van Nuys or Sylmar, then I hope you can stay after school. There won't be a 2 hour recess, but there will be a 2 hour lesson that will be a lot more fun than you bargained for. Check out a flyer I designed below for more info.

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Rosie said...

Go teach! I want to be in your class.