Oahu Engagement Session Demonstration

While in Honolulu I put together a small meet-up for local photographers to get together and learn from each other. I asked Michelle and her husband Jerico to model for me as I did a quick demonstration of how I direct a typical engagement session. We met up in the financial district and walked through to the edge of Chinatown and ended at the harbor by the Aloha Tower. 

Thank you again to all those who showed up. It was so great to meet everyone and exciting to be around so many photographers! Michelle and Jerico, you both are wonderful and I'm glad you gave me an opportunity to capture you, as well, as bringing along the paparazzi.  :)

If you participated in the event and would like to share of your images, please upload them on facebook. Add me as your friend to get there :)

Remember you can click the images to enjoy it on a larger scale!

They're both really excited for the shoot, especially Jerico. :)

They're both on the lookout for oncoming cars
while looking good themselves.

We asked one of the photographers, Shannon, to demonstrate some
poses like lying down in the middle of a (semi) busy street. 

Out of all the years I've been to Oahu I recently
discovered the historic Hawaii theatre.

I really love this shot. They're so cute!!

Sometimes strangers who pass by want to model in the shoot.

Above is some of the photographers who participated in the event.

This decisive moment reminds me of a Henri-Cartier Bresson shot

Aaron brought along his lighting equipment and captured 
some great shots during sunset by the harbor. I included 
an image of his near the end of this entry.

Can't forget a romantic silhouette.

The next are a few candids I got at the end of the event.

Above is Jacie and Julia 

Juliann reviewing images from the day. 

There's nothing like holding a camera in your hands. 
Such a creative tool to have!

Thanks Aaron for sharing your expertise, as well.
Be on the lookout for his work! :)

Michelle and I. She convinced me to stay in California
a few years ago and almost convinced me to move
back to Hawaii. I'd live in both places if I could!
(Thanks for taking this photo, Aaron)

They all rock! So fun to hang out with them :)

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James said...

bee-yooooootiful shots Jen! it's always fun to see your work :^D