My 25th Birthday

On the 22nd I celebrated my quarter-life milestone. My friends threw me a great celebration surprising me with an art show that displayed all of my work that they surreptitiously stole from my studio. During the night I couldn't help but be full of gratitude for all that God has done in my life. Enjoying the company of my friends and family was a work in itself to admire at the show. Truly, God proved that arriving at 25 brought a deeper significance to me set apart from all my other years, because there's no doubt that I'm entering a new and greater season in my life. I know I'm still young and have a lot to get through ahead, but I believe I have the grace to endure it all and the love of God to find joy in everything. Thank you, again, to everyone who blessed me for my birthday! 

Above is a photo of my good friend, Nadia, and I. 
She's the best to share the same birthday with. 


Misha said...

I keep forgetting to tell you, the wedding pics look amazing!! awesome team, nice editing, yay! :D I think I saw on facebook that you got the teaching job? How's it going??


Ms. Trish said...

yey im glad you like it. can't wait to see everything He has in store for you.