Features From The Novy Wedding

Earlier this month I had the privilege of documenting a beautiful wedding for two incredible individuals, Kyle and Lindsey. Their wedding showed off their creativity from the details of the center pieces to the original music that Kyle and his friends wrote for the wedding ceremony and reception. I tried to narrow down the features on this entry, but I figured that it doesn't hurt to show a little more than I had planned to, right? Enjoy!

Some of their hand-picked center pieces that spoke of their unique style and personalities

Beautiful Lindsey getting bejeweled

Gracing City Hall, Pasadena, before the ceremony started

The ring bearer wondering if he lost the ring already?... 
Just kidding, he didn't have it on him!

Lindsey and her bridesmaids
The orange dresses were handmade by Kyle's mom!

Kyle looking dapper

The ring bearer couldn't stop smiling with Kyle

Kyle and his groomsmen

I'm hidden somewhere behind the groomsmen down there. 
Do you see?

This was one of the first weddings I've attended where the bride and groom
washed each other's feet. What a beautiful thing to do!

All the girls had henna tattoos on their feet done by Kyle the night before

We found the city hall staircase! 

Above is a guestbook I designed for their wedding reception

Yes, those cupcakes were delicious!

Catching the sunset

Their first dance 

On their way out and on to their honeymoon!

My wonderful assistants, Nina and Misha. 
They did an incredible job for their first wedding with me!


Ms. Trish said...

beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple by a beautiful photographer.

i love the face of christian while looking at the cupcakes. ha!

Daniel said...

You are the awesomest, Jen Mizzle!

Rosie said...

Jen May. As usual.


You captured so much of the loveliness.

Misha said...

It was such a privilege to be able to shoot with you (especially at such a gorgeous wedding)! You're an amazing artist Jen May, God has blessed you very much! :D

Anonymous said...

these were freakin' amazing. and what a great thing to see so many of our friends having fun.


PS, just turning in one of my photos for my Graphics class...i really could use some of your tips! hehe

Yoko said...

Wow, what a beautiful and UNIQUE wedding!!! Jen May, you are an amazing photographer! That's so cool Misha got to assist you with it too!!! Good on ya girls! :)