Concert Photography

At the beginning of my love affair with photography I actually had one idea dominating my mindset, "Concert photography is where I want to be."

All throughout my high school years I was a total band geek, involved in every band I could be in without overlapping rehearsals, gigs, and practice time over each other. Towards my last two years of high school I lived the dream of every punk rocker teenage girl and became the drummer in a great rock band. I loved (and still love) the energy, the rhythm, and the relationship I had with music. Years later I figured that if I weren't performing on stage the best place to be is photographing up front and personal. From there I interviewed and photographed bands like, Rx Bandits, Something Corporate, and Jimmy Eat World. I hung out with my favorite artists in the back room, asking questions while recording on my really, really old tape recorder, and with my ultra-cool VIP Photographer pass I joined them on stage and photographed their energy. Honestly, it was thrilling and I miss it.

I know it seems I'm about to transition into a statement that regrets what I do now, but that is completely the wrong idea about me. I am in love with what I do: weddings, portraits, special events, travel...all of it is just as exciting and I still get to know my clients and see their energy that's full of life. But, when I do get a chance to cover a concert, I get giddy inside.

This past Friday I got that chance. A small one that I eagerly volunteered myself to, but a chance nonetheless. My friend, Sam, invited me to check out his brother's band, the Killer Angels, at the Derby. Below are some images from that night. If you're in a band and can rock hard, then shoot me an invite! :)

Sean and his father joining in on one of the songs (how cool!)

Killer Angels, I believe, play often at the Witches Brew 
in the valley if you want to catch them!

Seth, Sean, & Mike

My sister, our friend Josh, and I really enjoyed the show!

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Anonymous said...

wow! Jimmy Eat World eh? I used to know some of their songs...it's been awhile though. :-)