Beating the Valley Heat

A few months ago I launched my first photo contest called, "Live to Love."  I asked for others to submit images with those words somewhere in the frame and to capture what that idea meant to them. The winner, Patricia and her son, Chino, and youngest sister, Kubie, won the contest with a great photo of "Live to Love" traced in the sand on a beautiful beach in So Cal. This past weekend, the family took advantage of their prize (a free photo session) up in Visalia of central California. It was a hot day, averaging over 100 degrees, but with smiles and an enduring push for energy and delight we got through the shoot. Below are a few favorites of mine from the day. You'd never be able to tell how hot they were! 

A photo contest will be coming up later this month. I encourage you to give it a try, because you could be the next one going home with images you love (and possibly a chance to be featured on this blog)!


Ms. Trish said...

yey! i love the pics! :) thanks for the wonderful weekend & photoshoot!

you rock, as always.

till the next time we go up to visalia. i told you, im inviting myself, just to have your mom's lumpia :)

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