Firefly, Don't Burn Out So Quickly

Underneath my door I watched a tiny green bulb fly into my room. It swung high from left to right like someone on a tire swing on a lazy summer night. I can't recall the last time I saw a firefly, but encamped in my mosquito net I felt safer on my bed to not encounter it closely. The sound of my fan humming in a buzzing tone seemed to invite the firefly to its plastic cage of a musical stage. So, it made its way closer to me, closer to the fan, except it landed much too quickly onto the rotating blades. There followed a sound of a slap and the pinch of its lightbulb, an uneasy sight to witness. Never in my mind did I think my encounter would be so brief and with surprise.

The hours long into the night moved slowly with the heat that beaded against my tired body. I could only think of staying cool and wishing for a cold glass of water or a wrap of cold air to take me into its wind. I failed to fall asleep with ease and I couldn't stop thinking about the firefly. Its short lived light reminded me of short lived dreams. How many dreams have been thought up, but casted down so abruptly because of surprises? I ask this of myself. Don't dreams own a hand in magic that charm us to admire it's flight into existence? Dreams are meant to be enjoyed by both the charmer and the charmed, right? It's where inspiration starts and creativity begins. Hmmmm, I wonder. Has the night's weariness cause me to talk poetically?

No. Sometimes I like to write like this...

I admit that the humming of what appears to be a non-threatning tune can sometimes deter us from continuing the pursuit of our dreams. (The humming tune meaning the fan that killed the firefly.) Right. On this adventure in Cambodia I've come across many challenges that try to detract me from my purpose here. I'm out of my comfort zone. I'm hot and there're mosquitos picking on me. I'm without money, but believing to put on an incredible exhibit for my students. I'm a tough cookie working it's way towards sweetness.

I hope I didn't lose some of you, my readers, because of this entry. I like writing creatively and I thought it might be a better way to invite you to watch my latest video that gives you a peak into the photography classes that I'm teaching here. Also, an interesting way to encourage you to let your dreams light up with life and to inspire others along the way.

For those who have given the last couple of days to my latest fundraiser, thank you for your generosity. I'm $300 away from meeting my goal by this Friday. If you can help, please contact me at jenmay@jenmayphotography.com

As the locals say here, "Awkun", meaning thank you in Khmer.

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