Save The Date Trailer- Jen May Photography Exclusive

You read right and now can see the surprise with my newly released product, Save the Date Trailers. With the economy down and individuals finding creative ways to save money I've thought of a way to lend a helping hand. Instead of mailing out Save The Date cards I've created Save The Date Trailers that you can easily upload online and share on Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, etc. You'll also have the choice of ordering DVD's so that you can mail them off to guests (if you don't mind spending cash on S&H). I think I'm one of the few, if not only, photographer offering this product. :)

I personally think there's no cooler way to share your wedding date than with a fun video. It transports the cute photos of you and your fiance from a postcard into a mini-movie, a great glimpse into why they should witness your union on the big day!

In this video I photographed my clients, Jen and Patrick, who lovingly agreed to be a part of this new product. I love that couple for their genuineness and big heart. Thank you for a great engagement session. I can't wait to have fun on your wedding day :)

My sister, NiƱa, documented and edited the shoot. She's a talented filmmaker and definitely put in her time into this product. Thank you for your patience, time, and creative hard work in putting this trailer together! Love you :)

Music is by The Cranberries. On of my favorite and classic songs from them, "Dreams". When we shoot your trailer there won't be a section of you guys talking about how you enjoy working with me (that's just for the promo). Instead it'll be your time to share your wedding date and why you want them to be there on your wedding day. :)

Interested in getting a Save The Date Trailer? Shoot me an e-mail.


johnna brynn said...

fantastic work!

Jen May said...

thanks, johanna :D

j. shipley said...

ooo. great idea. seriously.

Peter Garr said...

i knew it would be cool when you tweased it ("tweased" is a word i just invented... twitter + teased). sure enough, it isn't just cool... it's way cool.

jjc said...

love it love it!

love what you do and i wish you so well on your trip!
keep up the fantasticness and i look forward to some images soon!

Miah Klein said...

Very creative Jen. You're photographer/video editor now. Can't wait to see more of your new mixed media.