Inspiration Workshop a Success!

This past weekend I held my first photography workshop to raise money for my cause in Cambodia. Since I'm teaching a 4-week program there, free to the youth of Tiny Toones, I'm in need of camera supplies. Fortunately, I've raised enough funds to purchase 10 digital cameras and other necessities for the class.

At this workshop I taught the basics of shooting manually and "How to be an Incredible Photographer 10 different ways." Everyone who came out to support really did a great job in making me feel like I shared enough good info in 3 hours, so thanks! :)

I'm very amazed at the community coming together to support this cause and cannot doubt this goodness of bringing hope in a different way. I've received great feedback from the workshop and intend to do more in the near future. :) Here's a short video giving you a glimpse of the photographers who came out to support.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Jen May for a wonderful workshop and for sharing your passion with us! I learned so much and was also inspired by all your projects. Best wishes for your Cambodia trip and hope to see you soon. - Cristina Burgos