An Opportunity That Just Got Bigger!

As you may have noticed from my Facebook updates and Twitter I'm preparing for a big summer in Cambodia. From July 27th (edited) to September 1st I’ll be volunteering my time in Phnom Penh with a non-profit organization called Tiny Toones. (www.tinytoonescambodia.com)

I’ve been presented an incredible opportunity to teach photography with the youth there. I’ll be provided a classroom at the center and a translator and will be teaching an hour every weekday. At the end of my stay there we hope to put on a photo exhibit in a nearby gallery as an event for the community and a reward for the youth. That's a 4-week program that I'm designing and gearing up for. Luckily, the administrative director of Tiny Toones and good friend, Lisa Ho, is helping me out there in Phnom Penh while I'm here in L.A.

What makes Tiny Toones special, and my reason for dedicating my time with them, is their unique and artistic outlet for the youth. They provide free breakdancing, djing, graffiti art, and music recording classes. They also integrate HIV and drug-prevention education and English and Khmer language classes. Their mission is to provide a safe, positive outlet for the youth to be encouraged and mentored, so they can hope for a better tomorrow.

Many of the youth are threatened with poverty and extreme hardships that make it difficult for them to survive. My vision with my photography class is to open their eyes to a new way of how they look at their surroundings and how images can speak volumes and inspire others to reach out and make a difference. I believe that photography is not just a craft, but a disguised solution.

Currently, I am raising funds to purchase camera supplies for the youth to use in my class. I am starting with zero supplies, but believe that provision can come especially with your help. My goal is to raise $1,500 by July 15th before I fly out to Cambodia. I invite you to join me on this opportunity to change lives for the better. Would you be able to partner me with a one-time donation of $75, $150, or other amount?

I am amazed by the open doors I have. God is doing bigger things that I’ve ever imagined! Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have. If you can help please write a check to: "Jennifer Pastores" and mail it to:

20134 Leadwell St. Unit 253
Winnetka, CA 91306

Thanks in advance for your generousity!

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