My First Workshop!!

Finally, I'm doing a workshop! Some of you have approached me over the years asking me when I'd teach a class open to the public. Well, an opportunity finally presented itself and I'm doing a 3-hour workshop in Studio City next month on July 18th. I hope you can make it out!

I'll be sharing a lot of good info on how to shoot manually and all the great things you can do to train your eye and become an incredible photographer. The cost is $20 for students, $30 for non-students, and $50 for engaged/married couples who want to come together. Everything I raise from this workshop will be used to purchase camera supplies for the work I'll be doing with the youth in Cambodia in August.

Industry professionals like Kevin Kubota, Dane Sanders, and Simon's Cameras in Hollywood are just a few of the great sponsorship for this workshop. They've donated some great giveaways for my guests and did I mention that each registered guest gets a goodie bag!

To register please e-mail me at jenmay@jenmayphotography.com. Those who are subscribed to my newsletter or a fan on facebook have already heard about this so a few have signed-up already! I am limited to only 40 seats, so register by July 1st to get in! :)

Also, I'm looking for digital camera donations. If you have a camera that you aren't using anymore and don't mind having the youth in Cambodia use than please consider donating it to me. Please make sure it still works and has the batteries and the memory card that comes with it. Let me know if you can donate it. I need it by July 15th before I fly out of the country :) Thanks in advance!

Inspiration Workshop


Shelby said...

can you do one of these in dayton, ohio?? i'd love to come learn your tricks. your pics are always so beautiful!

Jen May said...

Hi, Shelby. :) That would awesome if I could! Would be nice to see you. Thanks for your compliments!