Portrait Session- Niña Pastores

Visalia is a central California city placed in the heart of an agricultural San Joaquin Valley. This is where my parents currently reside and is about the same distance north from L.A. as if I were to drive down south to San Diego. During my week long break at home I went without my camera, taking no photos, to give myself a hiatus for meditation. I needed to breathe from the demands of living in a place like Los Angeles, so that I could remember why I first chose to pursue my craft. I contemplated the many roads I could take with photography and easily knew my love is to capture people and to somehow illustrate who they are in the best light. This entry is beginning to foreshadow my decisions I've made for the future of my work, but for right now I will share some images that I took of my youngest sister, Niña. Her arrival for Easter presented a good reason to pick up my camera again since I felt it was time for a creative release. 

Below are my favorites. I designed the shoot to be vintage and hip, very fitting for my sister's personality. We found a field nearby and borrowed my dad's Camaro and mom's guitar to complete our shoot's outfit. Let me know what you think :)

*Click on the images to see a larger version

Niña also got a shot of me in the car