Photographer Shootout- Downtown Los Angeles

What do you get when you combine photographers and friends in downtown Los Angeles? Creativity. Inspiration. Good company. Fun. Truly, all of the above. The turnout was small, but the event progressed to be a successful one. Below is a video/photo montage of our day and below that you'll see many of my favorite images from my set of work. My friends Dane and Sami came out to model for me and their eagerness for me to photograph them opened a world of excitement for me. :)

Two photographers joined along, both talented and working professionals in their own respective field. At the very bottom of this entry I included some shots of Isaac Suttell of Suttell Photography. Other than creating beautiful imagery his talents extend to that of photoshop mastery and web design. Also, Peter Garr of Peter Garr Photography is a wedding photographer based out of Santa Clarita. His talent shows not only in his style of shooting, but through his heart to give back. Any client who books a wedding with Peter gets the choice to have a portion of their photography package cost donated to a charity of their choice. I don't know why I didn't think of something like that sooner!

Enjoy this post! :)

Dane & Sami and their fabulousness

On Olvera St.

I asked Dane to hit on Sami.
He didn't know what to say to her. Haha

One of the challenges of the shootout was to incorporate
zebra ribbons anyway we wanted. My models
agreed to wear them as headbands, so therefore they rock!

I love their "Zoolander, Blue Steel" look

I played around with presets on this one. What do you think?

In Chinatown

Yay, jumping!

Loved Dane's hat!

Waiting to catch the subway back to Studio City. I love these!

Good company for the day :)

(L-R) Christian, James, and Dane.

Peter and his models

Isaac and his models

My sister Niña modeling for Isaac

Jacob and Niña

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