Portrait Session- Robinson Brothers

I met up with Adam at Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. Adam is a past co-worker of mine with a shared interest in photography. Recently, his dad made a request for updated photos of him and his brothers, and as a birthday gift for their dad they arranged to do a photo session with me. I'm glad they decided not to go to the mall for quick shots, because working with them was a lot of fun and doing their photos elsewhere would do no justice to their personalities. I think their dad and the rest of their family will love and appreciate their gift. 

Our "warm-up" shot in the beginning of the session

They were quick to be themselves in front of the camera

One of my favorite spots to shoot at the location

These guys are handsome! Sorry ladies, I forgot to ask if they were taken. 

Jason, the oldest of the brothers

My friend Adam

Mikey, the youngest

Can't leave a shoot without one of these 

Representing So Cal and the beautiful weather we get here

In a garage close by. 
We got help off the street to get in through the gate.

Also, you can't leave without showing off their kicks.

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Mary Marantz said...

OOH!! I LOVE those metal walls!! Great job on these!