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The Dream Assignment Team  selected me as one the ideas to be spotlighted on their news feed section of the web site's home page. It's a new feature they're adding so that they can raise more attention to the many proposals on their site. This morning they e-mailed me a set of questions to answer that they'll post on the site beginning this week. Below are my answers to what they asked me. I'll let you know when I'm spotlighted in their news feed. Thank you again for those who are supporting me and my idea. :)

Q: Describe your dream assignment in 5 words or less.
A: Let's bring unity through community.

Q:Where did your dream assignment idea come from?
A: This is an idea that's been stirring in my heart for quite some time. Currently, I work as professional photographer and since I started my work three years ago I've been exploring ways to define who I am as a photographer. When I was working towards my journalism degree a few years ago I realized the power of influence that the media has and the importance and responsibility of informing the public, but I knew that there had to be a better way to capture the attention of others and a more fitting place where I could put my passions to use. With the advantage of the blogging world and popular social networks the opportunity to inform the public is much larger than ever before. To be more specific, I can bring a personal story of a non-profit organization and the work they're doing from across the world to a "tiny url" link online that has the potential for thousands to view and for thousands to offer their help to them. I believe this work is a part of the definition of who I am as a photographer and my role in this world: one that informs, inspires, and acts on the opportunities to help make a difference.

Q: How would you approach photographing your dream assignment?
A: My approach would be a labor of love. I have a passion for photography and writing and my desire is for that to come together, so that I can work on meaningful stories that have potential for social impact. My passions alone would carry me far in my pursuits to work hard and diligently. Plus, helping non-profits to get better exposure for what they do is a lifestyle I wouldn't hesitate to work for. By communicating their strengths and needs to a following of viewers there can be a positive influence on both ends to live a life that is more than just ourselves, but giving unto others even when times are hard.

Q: What kind of thoughts and/or reactions would you like others to have when they view the photos of your dream assignment?
A: Inspiration. That's my ultimate goal with this dream assignment. If I can inspire someone through a photograph that moves them to act on their conviction or to give of themselves or to help fundraise for a cause, than I would be doing my job as a photojournalist. Also, I'd like to encourage and uplift others through my choice of work and to also tell a story with the images that I capture.

Q: What would you like to accomplish if you would win your dream assignment?
A: My goal is to visit as many non-profit organizations as I can around the world by featuring their stories on my blog for others to view from and learn about. The money that I'd get from winning this contest would go a long way in setting up my budget to travel through many, different places so that I can document the causes they're working for in their community. My hope is to accomplish a measure of unity for those working together to make a difference. Also, to extend an invite to my viewers to unite alongside the several causes that I'll be featuring.

Please visit this page to read my full proposal and to vote for my idea: 

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