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I've entered my very first photography contest and this really means a lot to me! Please help me out by voting for me by clicking on the box below or this link, and asking others to help me in this dream photography assignment of mine. This isn't a small contest, but a very BIG one! Thank you for your vote. Voting closes on April 3rd, but please vote as soon as you can since ideas are sorted by popularity of ratings. It truly means a lot! :)

The contest I've entered is through "Name your Dream Assignment" Contest sponsored by Lenovo and Microsoft. Submitted entries are to describe what their dream assignment would be with the budget of $50,000. The winner gets that amount to bring their dream assignment to life. They also get a digital camcorder and Lenovo's Think Pad with Microsoft Windows Vista. 

Here is my submission that I hope you can support and vote for:

Non-profit organizations give of their time and energy so that they can help make the world a better place. No matter where or who they are they all share a desire to help. May their documented story continue to unite and inspire us.

Everyone wants the world to be a better place, and I think what a lot of people look for in answers on how to do something so big are ways that they can help in their community. The culture of non-profit organizations is an attractive source for many when desiring to give of their time, energy, and money for a bigger cause.

We hear of great organizations doing great things every once in a while when we're not looking. Whether it's a story featured in an article or a television show we aren't as exposed to the wonderful things these non-profits are doing. We, especially, aren't hearing about it as a worldwide means.

If we can help in our own community, than shouldn't we try to unify non-profits around the world to make a stronger impact that'll get more people informed and excited? I think by documenting stories of wonderful organizations around the world through photography and writing, there would be an increase in individuals wanting to help.

I believe photojournalism is powerful and can influence for the better. As we feature different non-profits making awesome changes in their community, not only does it give them exposure on a larger scale, but it also gives a face and a name to causes that aren't as familiar to many of us. Those faces and names belong to people who have stories that can inspire and move millions worldwide.

With the advantage of the Internet and media my dream assignment is to cover as many non-profits around the world as I can, so that I can inform readers through my blog, my photos/videos/writing and let it move others to give a helping hand. I want to bring unity through community, and I believe this can happen with the help of winning this contest.

I've always had a heart to share stories and am currently pursuing a career as a professional photographer with a journalism degree so that I can do assignments like this for as long as I can. I think we all could use hearing and seeing another good story that stirs our hearts and asks us to help make the world a better place.

I've already begun my research by finding non-profits around the world on websites like idealist.org. It would be an honor to photograph and work alongside each organization that I meet, and I would give all that I can to do my best on this assignment. I hope that you can join along with me and help me make this dream become a reality. Thank you!

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