In Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles sits a humble small restaurant called Daikokuya. They serve their popular and original noodle and rice-bowls including their Daikoku Ramen that's to daydream about. A group of us walked into the shop late Friday night (they don't close until 1 a.m.) to enjoy the comfort of their food. If you're in the area you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the selections of their menu! As you'll see all the photos below are taken from inside, so I saved the outside of the restaurant for you to go visit yourself. I, especially, didn't include photos of the actual food as an added incentive for you to go :)

Patricia & Nico waiting outside for their table. The wait that night
happened to be less than 15 minutes. 

Sami waiting inside where the smell of the food 
will grow your anticipation to eat.

Mike ordering his first Daikoku ramen.

Nico is stoked before his first bite. 

Christian slurping the last of his soup.

Sami & Dane are the pair who introduced me to Daikokuya, 
and are always happy to share the goodness. 


Ms. Trish said...

thanks for removing my double chin :D

Ms. Trish said...

i think you have good daikokuya joo-joo. coz everytime we're with you the wait isn't that long.