My Home Office

I had my dad on the phone the other night and he asked me how business was. I told him, "Good, but it could always be better." He followed with, "Well, then I'm going to hire you to do our family session!" which made me wonder if I could do an entire session with the camera on the tripod and than running to the shots while the timer counted down? I know I could handle it, but what a silly idea for my dad to hire me for our family session!

I know he misses my sisters and I now that we're all out of the house and would do anything to get us to go back, so instead of having my dad hire me I've decided to share some images of my home office here in L.A; My dad has never seen it, yet, so this is a good idea for him to see that we're doing all right on our own. Thanks for caring, dad! :)
This is also for those who have requested to see photos of the new place, so enjoy! (click images to zoom in)

To the left is a view of my office on the second floor. 
On the right is the view from the bottom floor. 

The left shows the bottom floor again. You can see the staircase in the background.
On the right is a view looking down at the living room from the loft. 
I spy Rock Band, a record player, and a leaning tower of Pisa. 

Here is a closer view of the staircase that goes up to the loft.
You can see more of the kitchen on the right. 

When you go up the staircase you'll begin to see all of my wall art. 
I love making use of the plenty wall space! 

Here we are back on the loft again. The left shows one of the
couches clients can lounge on and the right shows more of my work. 

The left shows what's currently on the coffee table and 
the right shows both couches. This is the area where I sit
down with my clients  to go over my work and what I can offer. 

Here's my desk area: I spy Vonnegut library books, red nail polish,
an iPhone, and my iMac where I do 110% of my work. 


Rosie said...

I'm glad I finally got to see the place!

www.fabuluxephotos.com said...

Very nice!!! love your desk ;o)