I've Been Holding Back

It's true. I take a lot of personal photos, then I upload them on my computer. After I back them up I sometimes forget about them altogether! That won't happen this year. I'll do my best to go back and remember all my photos and then I'll share them with you on here. Below are some photos of my family and friends from the Holiday season. Enjoy! :)

This is our Santa Clause who guarded our Christmas Tree

My sisters testing the bikes at Costco

Niña searching for ingredients to cook her Birthday dinner with

Angela content at Portos Bakery 

My Dad went on a shopping spree while waiting at an airport in China

My grandpa walked to my car door to pretend 
in the photo that it's his car, so silly

I love my grandparents :)

I made Niña birthday cupcakes. They were so delicious!

Our dog, Frankie, awake from her nap

Frankie usually doesn't cuddle, but Angela got lucky

We played Pin The Donkey for Niña's Birthday

And also took Frankie out at a dog park for the first time

She's a good dog!

My Dad feeding her. Niña is shocked to witness it :)

Chinatown, San Francisco

This Bakery has yummy food!

Chino has the best expressions after opening gifts

He drew for me and Niña our favorite characters

My friends Briona & Oscar

Chino, Kubie, & Patricia after a good morning breakfast


Ms. Trish said...

aww the holidays were sooo fun! im glad i was able to celebrate it with you :)

loved the pic of your grandparents :)

Shelby said...

what great pics! how are your sisters that big?? although, guess i can't talk-my youngest sister is 17 now! your sisters are gorgeous.