Gavin's Headshot Session

Gavin is a growing boy. Loves to explore and point at interesting things like's he's always on an adventure. There might have been a few dark rain clounds in the sky, but his joy was uncontainable! I truly believe Gavin turned into a pro working it for the camera since I last took his photos almost two years ago. Below are just a few of my favorites.

I loved the way he directed the shoot
and occassionally be distracted by running dogs

His mom would pretend that there were huge spiders
crawling through my hair and he loved it!

Gavin's face after I told him to put his hands on his face

There we go! He got the idea of what I wanted him to do

Isn't it great how playful kids are?

I love how much this tells of his personality

Gavin with his awesome mom

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Meg said...

Gosh he is SO cute! Great job Jen May!