Winner of My Newsletter Contest

He Re is a fun gal. Super sweet, full of confidence and energy, and knows how to carry a great smile. In my last photography newsletter that I sent out I stated that I'd give away free mini-photo sessions to the first three callers. Only minutes after my newsletter cleared my outbox I got a call from He Re. I was so excited that she was the first winner of the contest. Our photo shoot not only was enjoyable for me, but refreshing and a great way to end the weekend. Below are some of my favorites from our shoot at the Sherman Oaks Galleria.

He Re was prepared to have fun on the shoot.
Always good news for me!!

She brought along her guitar, Jacob-son,
to add more character to her shoot.

During our shoot He Re got hollers from passerbys.
She responded back as a true rocker to her fans.

She's got that look where lyrics and songs are on her mind.

He Re also brought her poloroid camera. I forgot to take photos of the shots
she took of me. He Re, could you scan me a copy of them? :)

The both of us in good spirits

1 comment:

Hé Ré said...

Hey love!
I will get those polaroids to you as soon as I can - this week will be me doing some crazy baking, but maybe while I am in between putting the batches in the oven I can work something out :)
Thanks again - this was super fun!!!