My last night in Seattle

On a day that was predicted to be rainy was instead more friendlier for photo taking--it turned out to be a great day for a wedding. I posted a few of my favorites from today to give you a sneak preview of how wonderful Tyler and Rachel felt today. Included are some from the coffee shop that we visited quickly shortly before the ceremony started.

It was an amazing experience to work my first destination wedding. Their families and friends were so sweet and helpful that I couldn't feel anything less of blessed to be servicing good people. I've met a lot of nice folks this weekend and that always makes a business trip a lot easier to get through. :) Thank you to all of you who made my first trip to Seattle one to remember.

I returned to my place relatively early in the evening, but my adrenaline from the day was gone so I immediately crashed into one of the most awesome naps I've ever had in a long while. Of course, after napping I wanted dinner because I was so hungry. Down the street from me is a strip of different eateries. I used Whrrl to help me decide on what was best to try out. I'm really starting to enjoy that site. I chose to get pho since the weather outside provided a perfect reason to have hot soup for dinner and plus, it was only a couple minutes walk away. The place is called Pho Cyclo and for $6.83 I got good-tasting pho and complimentary tea. Whrrl reviews proved to be true for this place.

I'll be back in L.A. tomorrow night, so for my friends reading this that's when I'll see ya. :)

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Bodhi said...

you are so talented, i can never tell you enough for me really to express your original raw talent. I love these pictures, and it makes me miss home. Great job on your new site and congratulations to your 2 year of the site, I am sure it will only continue to get better.