2nd Year Anniversary

It was exactly two years ago when I first launched www.jenmayphotography.com to debut my photos publicly. Since then it has been an incredible journey refining my craft. I'm so thankful that I always get to work with great people who are willing to have me capture who they are and their life's most valued moments with those they love the most.

Right now I'm currently in Seattle and I'm up pretty late past midnight making sure my site is up and running. I'm pretty exhausted from the day, but when you're doing something so rewarding it's so easy to keep on going.

I arrived last night and was greeted by very cold night air. From the airport I took the bus to my bed and breakfast on Capitol Hill. It's called Hill House and it's very cozy and very charming. I awoke early this morning and met the owner of the house. Great lady and amazingly hospitable. If you're visiting Seattle, then I highly suggest staying at this place.

After breakfast I met up with Tyler and Rachel to do a fun and casual shoot around the city. Their apartment is only a 5 minute walk up from where I'm staying. I started off by doing detail shots of the dress and jewelry, then we began our session with the two of them starting off in their kitchen.

Afterwards we went to an unfinished gothic church nearby, stopped off at a corner with 4 tall Roman pillars, drove down to the famous Pike Place Market, and ended at a sculpture park by the waterfront.

When our session was finished they left to run wedding errands and I walked up to visit the Seattle Center to go up the Space Needle. I braved the wind at the top and got a simple shot of the city skyline. I also took a photo of myself, feeling silly because it looks silly. I had a nice person ask me if I wanted to have them take my photo, but I declined because I didn't want another photo of myself and my wild hair.

From the needle I caught the monorail that took me into the city downtown to a mall. It was a fast and convenient ride for only $2. I walked all the way up Olive St., crossed over the freeway, and got a late lunch at a very cool place called the Baguette Box. I tried their crispy chicken drunken sandwich and their truffle fries. Oh, the food was good! :)

From there I continued walking up the hill to my B&B. The photo below is what it looks like during the day. Back in my room I uploaded the photos from the day and prepared a slide show that I displayed at Rachel and Tyler's get-together held at their apt earlier this evening. I met their friends and took more photos of everyone there and enjoyed their company.

It's going to be a good day tomorrow shooting their wedding. They've got a great idea to do photos at a coffee shop by the church in their wedding attire. I don't doubt that it will be nothing less of fun.

I hope you're enjoying the new site and the new blog! I'll try to drop another entry tomorrow night. :)


A Lost Writer said...

Hi, Excellent photographs. Here's a question (if you don't mind me asking, that is.) I have a photographer friend and I've been telling her she needs to put her fabulous work up on a blog. But she's afraid it'll get used without her knowledge/permission. Copyright violation is rampant in India (where we're from). How do you protect your photographs? Thanks.

Chelsea Strong said...

oh dear Jen. I may have fallen in love with your style. I live up in the Bay Area, do you travel??

Jen May said...

to "a lost writer": It is a sad thing when people don't respect copyrights, but what's even more sad is the fact that there really is nothing you can do to protect a photo. But there are ways you can discourage others from taking images illegally. I found this link that you can refer to your friend: http://www.ofzenandcomputing.com/zanswers/598

I hope that helps her. Keep encouraging her to pursue her photography and to get it public :)

Jen May said...

to chelsea: thanks for your sweet comments. I do travel to the Bay area quite often and have recently shot a wedding party and a family session up there. feel free to contact me on my site if you're interested in a photo session :)

A Lost Writer said...

Thank you for the tip, Jen May. I will surely pass on the infomation to her and get her to start her blog as soon as possible. In the meantime, I will be returning for some more visual treats in the future :)