Meet My Students- Spotlight

If you haven't seen any of my videos this is the one video you should watch. It is 15-minutes long, so I posted it up on Vimeo that allows me to put it full-length. A different, shorter version is up on my You Tube page.

You'll hear me narrating throughout the video. I showcase a few of my students and wasn't able to share every interview with you, because you probably wouldn't want to sit down and watch that long of a movie. If you supported me during program financially you will be receiving a DVD copy with bonus videos from the rest of my time in Cambodia.

Our photo exhibit opening reception is also featured in the video, so you'll be able to look back on our big event. If you're interested in purchasing a student's print please contact me at jenmay@jenmayphotography.com.

Enjoy! Your feedback is welcomed :)

Teaching Photography in Cambodia from Jen May Photography on Vimeo.

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