Students' Photographs- "Tiny Toones Freeze"

With the past month flying by the photography program will be wrapping up with its last class this upcoming Monday. I'm so proud of all the students and their work! Out of the three classes that I've taught daily here over 50 students have eagerly participated. With the budget I had fundraised I selected and printed 27 photographs, each representing a student and their unique capture, and installed them at the Meta House, Cambodia's first art and communication center in Phnom Penh. Friday night they hosted our opening reception, giving us their largest gallery to exhibit the student's work. From what I observed, around 100 guests dropped by to see the student photographers' work, Tiny Toone's peformance, and to watch the documentary featuring the beginning of Tiny Toones. If you weren't able to make it out they are displaying the photographs until September 3rd.

I'd like to share with you the photographs that I featured at the Meta House. Every photo has it's own story, along with the student who took it; unique in every way. I've marked down the ones that SOLD during the opening reception. I'm not sure, yet, which ones sold yesterday.

It's incredible what can be achieved in a short program. I know I'm very fortunate to have witnessed their growth and confidence gained in their newfound craft. In the next post or so I'll be sharing a special video that features interviews with my students and other photos. Scroll through and let me know which ones are your favorite, and I'll let those students know that you enjoyed them :)


"Magic Ball" by Kun, 14-years-old

"My Brother Eat Ice Cream In The House" by Mara, 13-years-old

"I Wish I Had A Moto" by Kem, 17-years-old SOLD

"Market" by Srey Neang, 18-years-old

"My Love" by Nhem, 23-years-old

"My Small Market" by Pheakira, 14-years-old

"My Resort" by John Chan Ny, 15-years-old

"Pretty Girl" by Chheng Huay, 15-years-old

"This Is My Friend's Bicycle" by Voleak, 21-years-old

"Fashionable" by Yen Sothy, 16-years-old

"My Lotus in Cambodia" by Van Chan Ny, 16-years-old SOLD

"Boy Standing Close To Bicycle" by Van Malis, 12-years-old

"Self-Portrait" by Vandi, 11-years-old

"Mara" by Tong Samponh, 17-years-old

"Simple Is Best" by Kunthea, 19-years-old

"I Like Writing" by Sorakmony, 24-years-old SOLD

"I Want To Be A Good Dancer" by Theara, 18-years-old SOLD

"Strong Man Throw Basketball" by Sok Pov, 15-years-old

"It's Hot Today" by Sophant, 14-years-old

"For Sale" by Sokha, 16-years-old

"My Brother B-Boy" by Puthya, 14-years-old

"We Are Proud To Be Born Khmer" by Sovanna, 14-years-old

"Waiting For Ball" by Marany, 12-years-old

"Jamie, A Dog At Tiny Toones" by Chan Kanika, 17-years-old

"English For Children" by Sokunthea, 19-years-old

"Happy City" by Chan Dane, 15-years-old

"Beautiful Smile" by Bunt Sombo, 14-years-old


feleciacruz said...

I like them ALL the BEST...Great work Jen!

Peter Garr said...

I love them all!

Kimiya said...

I'm a sucker for shoes, so i have to favor the "my love" shot by the 23 yr old! great perspective!... long path traveled down those jeans to the beloved and necessary accessory of the feet! I also cherish the "self portrait" in the rear-view mirror. Looks like your students learn well from your heart and your soul Jen May as that one looked like a shot you would've thought to grab...Like the one of the bus driver in his mirror.

sophan said...

hey, you should have a buy now button.
would love to see the price list!

Cristina said...

Amazing, great shots! Congratulations to all your students.- Cristina Burgos

Jen May said...

thanks everyone for all the comments! i'm creating a gallery online so you'll be able to purchase the prints where the money will go straight to the kids and tiny toones!