I Owe You An Entry

Dear Internet,

I apologize for not blogging lately. I've been in Thailand this entire week with only an hour to spend online each night before I fall asleep from a long day out of the hostel. Within the hour that I am online my laptop demands that I restart at least 4 times during my session. You can imagine that this slows my progress of preparing my images for you. It never crossed my mind before to ask if anyone had a spare laptop to use before I left on my trip, and now the one I'm using is no longer reliable. Believe with me that I can still use it for my photography class that I start on Monday. I know that this is still no excuse to delay my updates. It's funny that somewhere in the back of my mind I've convinced myself that there are followers of this blog waiting to read a new entry, so to all of you who happen to be one of those people know that I am mindful of you and have been trying daily to share stories, photos and videos with you. Tomorrow I return to Cambodia where I will not be as distracted with the country to get to know them in a few days, so there will be more time for me to happily blog. :)

Until then "kop koon ka",
Jen May


Walk with God said...


Walk with God said...

This is PJ! hahaha :D