Photograph your living space

Part of celebrating life is remembering places you've been to and spaces you've been apart of. Oftentimes we'll focus on the people in our lives, but I think the place you call home deserves the spotlight, too. And if you're like me and travel around a lot you sleep and work out of many different rooms. In an earlier post I shared a quick video tour of the apartment that I'm staying in here in the city, but here are some photographs that embraces a stillness with it's own strength in storytelling. When you have time to share photograph around your living and work space. :)

Vermeer Apartment- Kitchen Window

Vermeer Apartment- Kitchen

Vermeer Apartment- Bathroom

Vermeer Apartment- Bedroom

Vermeer Apartment- Desks


Anonymous said...

OMG so true... I want to try this!

Anonymous said...

great perspective & insight.

Miah Klein said...

You live in LA? These images have a big city feel. Nice work.

Jen May said...

Thanks! I do live in LA, Miah, but these photos are of the apartment that I'm staying in here in San Francisco.