Cupcakes and Car Collisions

Bigger and better photos. I know it's what you want to see. It's also what I want and I'm finally getting around to learning how to do it! I thought I'd start off by enticing you with large photos of cupcakes. Delicious cupcakes. First, I must tell you why I bought them. Yumminess was not the only reason. 

On my way to meet up with a friend for lunch I got into an accident on the street. When I merged into the left lane I miscalculated my room to move and hit a truck to the right of me. My fault and a stupid, stupid mistake. I wasn't speeding. I wasn't being a moron not thinking of what I was doing. I just made a dumb merge. It resulted in my right side view mirror cracking and unhinging from my car as if it decided to go for a bungee jump. The truck I hit got a minor, thin scratch on the back. I knew it was my fault. Of course. So, I pulled off into a parking lot nearby and waited to apologize to the other driver. 

When the driver came out with her passenger (who I soon discovered to be her daughter) she was furious. No surprise there. I walked calmly to them and started to apologize only to be met with more furiousness. The daughter started translating for me to the mom because she only knew spanish, but I didn't need translations for her anger. I got it. I didn't want it, but a headache came from all the heat I was getting for a tiny scratch. She didn't care about my car, because it doesn't matter when it's your fault in the incident. As best as I could I stayed calm and kept my politeness.  All I wanted her to know was that I'd take full responsibility, but she wanted me to magically take the scratch off. Finally, worry hit me and all I can think of was dollar bills to repair both hers and my car. Her anger was stealing away my cool. 

A couple hours later I arrived late to my class, because I avoided the freeway to avoid a flying rear view mirror flying off into someone else's vehicle. The collision, the tardiness, and the headache of worries made it all over my face. The first thing my students asked was why I looked so down. The explanation only made me realize how bad I felt. No one got hurt, there was no big damage on either cars, I'm still walking with my dreams still alive in me and yet, I felt so bad. How is it that we can beat ourselves up more than anyone? No matter what good thoughts I made myself think of I couldn't get myself to feel lighter today....

That is until I remembered the cupcake store nearby the school. On my drive back home I made a stop at Famous Cupcakes and treated myself to selecting 4 different delights: Red Velvet, Hot Chocolate, Coconut chocolate, and Vanilla chocolate. They all made it's way into a box especially for me. I felt foolish, but enjoyed it the entire time! I'm not one to receive treats and free gifts from anyone, so something as simple as selecting cupcakes just for the heck of it made me feel a little better. 

I know I'm not the only one guilty for doing something like this. You know...buying cupcakes after you collided with another car. Although it may seem like my point here is to spend money on things you like to feel better about life, it's not! Sometimes it's O.K. to show yourself that it's O.K. I'll repeat that. Sometimes it's O.K. to show yourself that it's O.K! Plus, my friends and family know that I don't normally do this for myself, so you can ask them if you're not yet convinced with my point :)

Enjoy the cupcakes. I know I will!
I Love Cupcakes!

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jjc said...

some epic lookin cupkakes.
nice shootin girl!