Save The Date- Photographer Shootout

For this event we'll be meeting at Paramount Ranch commonly known as the "movie ranch" since many Hollywood T.V. shows/movies were filmed there. There is a Western Town there complete with a Main Street lined with typical storefronts, such with a Sheriff's office, a blacksmith/livery, a saloon, a Post Office, and barns. 

Just like at the last shootout, photographers will each have models to work with as they do the challenges that will be given that day. So, invite your friends or scout for models to participate. This is your time to have fun with your creativity.

We will shoot until sundown, 7 p.m., and afterwards we'll be heading down to my place to upload photos and prepare the slideshow to be displayed at the end of the night. We'll also be ordering food so you can kick it there. Please bring a laptop if you have one to speed the uploading time for the slideshow.

Remember, anyone is welcome, professional photographer or not. Hopefully, we'll have enough models so that those who couldn't take photos before can take photos at this event. 

Anyone interested to do the videography during the shootout?


FS Carrie said...

do you need more models?

Jen May said...

Yes, we do Carrie. I'd love it if you can model that day :)