Tiny Toones Cambodia- Spotlight Non-Profit

Here is my first video featuring a non-profit that you should check out. Tiny Toones Cambodia uses breakdancing, Hip-Hop music, and the contemporary arts as creative tools to empower the youth of Cambodia to live healthier lives free of HIV and drugs, build a more promising future by furthering their educational opportunities, and become positive role models for their community.

USA Tour. Here is the tentative schedule:

April 14 - April 20 : Madison, WI
April 21 - April 24 : New York, NY
April 25 - April 28 : Philadelphia, PA
April 29 - May 1 : Seattle, WA
May 2 - May 5 : Long Beach, CA


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My heart expressed through words said...

Articulate. Warm. And fun. Well done JM... Very cool.