I Got Cameras!

After months of patiently waiting, and waiting patiently for months my request to get digital cameras for my students finally got approved! We'll be using Canon's PowerShot (A590IS). They're great cameras with manual shooting capability, which the students so far are understanding how to use F-stop's and shutter speed. It's been quite a challenge to teach a photography class at three high schools where the majority of my students had no cameras, but now that we do we're all truly excited to put what we learn to the test of creating exceptional images. Below are a few photos of my students; only one school isn't featured since we had no class last week. 

The organization granted me 10 new digital cameras for my students.

Above are students from my North Hollywood class
who got to use the cameras fresh out of the box.

Above are a few of my Granada H.S. students
who came to shoot with me on a rainy day.


JT said...

Hi Jen! Nice work! I saw your comment on David jays blog. I was looking at your photos. Question: I am a Mac user and was wondering what do you use for borders or the frame around your pics online? It is software and what kind is it... Thanks and very impressed with your creativity.

enomooshiki said...

You teach at Granada?? niceee

teaching someone else is always fun