My Fish Eye Camera in San Francisco

My sister, Niña, handed me the last gift during our unwrapping session on Christmas Day. "I saved the best for last. For you," she said. I looked at her smiling nervously. I wasn't expecting anything that could be recognized as the best, especially from her who didn't have to spend any money on me, but there I sat opening a fish eye camera out of the classic Lomography box. Believe it or not, but I cried. The gift meant a lot more to me than what it really was. Granted, the camera is nice and will be put to good use. Yet, the gift signified a gentle push towards a better relationship between me and my sister. I felt surprised and at ease that she understood the camera would speak the right thing to me, but enough mushy talk for now. Let's enjoy some photos!

My new fish eye camera. It takes 35mm film and runs on 
one AA battery for the internal flash. I love it!

China Town, San Francisco

"The Store With Beautiful Things"

Angela and her mango ice cream bar

My grandparents opening gifts from Angela

My uncle laughing in the photo, but possibly
not laughing to see that I posted it on here! :)

My mom, sisters, and cousin met up with some friends 
on Haight and Ashbury

Here I am with my friends Jean and Jason

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Anonymous said...

How fun! I want to get a cheap Holga someday to play around with!