Meet Three Of My Friends- Spotlight

Dan Lowman is a bright individual with a mind focused very gracefully on all his creative pursuits, music and writing in particularly. His greatest focus is a relational one: the pursuit of knowing people on a much greater level of intellect and care. I would never doubt his strength in this, much so, would never doubt him as an artist. If you're ever looking to strike up an interesting conversation or need some fresh material for a project, than Dan is the man. 

We got some shots in the same lot where we had lunch. This is why you should always have your camera around, so you can take advantage of great spots like these.

Sahand Sedghi is another talented artist that I've come to know as a jack of all trades and, may I add, master of many. His photography work starts from a documentation of his extensive travels in Asia and expands from there; and his keen eye to design and detail is one to greatly admire, especially in his web design work. I tirelessly recommend him to everyone I know. Not just for his professionalism, but notably for his humble and down-to-earth personality.

The other night we took the subway down to Thai Town for good soup on a rainy night. L.A. is incredible to explore when it doesn't feel like it's L.A. :)

Chino Roa is probably the most amazing 8-yr old boy I've met. His entrepreneur skills are growing as fast as he is and his imagination is one that reminds me of when I was his age. A little while ago he visited me up in the loft making beeping sounds and walking stiffly. He had fit himself into a box, but more so a makeshift robot. It surprises like this that make me appreciate childhood so much more. 

Basically everyone I know can see my love for robots. Kubie, another incredible kid, made me a snowman robot named "Bopp" and gave it to me as a gift earlier tonight. I quickly joined it with my collection, including the famous Saverbot. 

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Ms. Trish said...

Hey your friends are awesome, especially that robot kid!!! he's pretty cool! his mom is very lucky to have him!