May Your Christmas Be Merry!

Nothing seems to compare to the feeling you get after you hear honest words of care from your loved ones. It's my favorite thing to receive in a time when giving is celebrated. I've never been too big on Christmas gifts even if one day it deals with a price tag made out of gold. This year I can look back at a lot of good times, but I also came across tough trials that I claimed to be a battle of the mind and heart. Last night, on Christmas eve, I got myself into a big argument with my sisters over an issue that I couldn't seem to leave alone. In short, I didn't plan on ruining a night of celebration but it happened and for a reason that I am fully aware of. Despite my foolishness my sisters took the opportunity to comfort me and share their love for me. I am still so amazed at how far God has taken my family and so grateful that I don't find myself left alone in my battle to be at peace. I can truly say that I am full of joy this Christmas, because of the abundant goodness I am surrounded with. I hope you can find yourself in the same place this season. One that is full of love for each other.

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