Hilo, HI

Recently, I was fortunate to visit Hawaii for some work. I stopped off in Hilo to see my younger sister, Angela, who recently moved back to the island for school. Her new place is next to the airport, so a couple times an hour we would hear an airplane fly over the house. The first one that flew over woke me up from my sleep. The noise scared me so much I thought we were under attack, but Angela reassured me by laughing at my paranoia. 

Angela looking up at the plane

During my stay we hiked an active volcano at night.
It was pitch black, so we had flashlights to guide our steps.

We were lucky to see lava pouring out into the ocean. Quite a sight!

What I love about the Big Island are the animals that also 
love the island. Did you know goats can smile?

During the day we decided that hiking volcanos are for kids. 
So, we headed into the wild jungle.

Angela, like me, is unaware that we're about to 
unintentionally hike for five hours. 

Our friend, Charles, found an old truck with bullet holes. 
At this point, the jungle was looking scary. 

This is part of the terrain that we hiked. Through all those 
trees and over the volcanic rocks by the ocean. 

We discovered a small, private beach 
that we eagerly took a break at. 

Angela is watching a large turtle on the far right 
trying to catch a wave back into the deep waters.

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pseudomade said...

Ooh I miss angela!!! Wish I could have met up with you while you were in Honolulu. Angela is coming up here in a couple weeks and I'm thrilled since I haven't seen her in over a year! I hope you are well, Jen.