Happy Post-Thanksgiving!

I can't imagine what it's like to live homeless on the streets of Los Angeles, but I can imagine what it's like to be without hope. My friend, Patricia, organized a way to give hope to those who daily strive to survive on Skid Row. It's a dilapidated area with a large population of impoverished abusers of alcohol and drugs with the concrete used as their bed at night. On Thanksgiving morning, I joined the group of volunteers to pass out backpacks filled with hygiene products and food, along with donated blankets and warm clothes. The experience for me is something I'd like to do more often for others, so the hopeless can hope again for something better when care and attention is given. 

The awesome group of volunteers. The kids did a great job!

We passed out backpacks from our car trunks 
and met so many thankful individuals.

While waving, he was yelling, "Thank you!"

The corner of San Pedro and 7th. 

After the morning, my sister and I drove up to Visalia to visit my parents. The drive in the grapevine was foggy, but we stayed focused on the road and the feast waiting for us at home.

NiƱa and our beautiful dog, Frankie

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