Covering the Mabuhay Festival at USC

Yesterday was a busy day of shooting, but I'm glad I was able to end the night covering a benefit concert for the Filipino community. I recently discovered the music of Passion, Gabe Bondoc, and Leejay and, coincidently, I recognized that the three of them were going to perform at USC this past Sunday. 

After getting in touch with Troy Phi, an organization on campus that educates students about the Filipino culture, I got permission to document the event. I always enjoy giving back to the community myself, but I considered myself pretty fortunate to see such talented artists after I had become big fans of them from watching their videos online. Yes, I'm totally a complete internet nerd. 

Enjoy the photos. You may see all the photos from the event here: http://jenmayphotography.zenfolio.com/p440383460  

Remember you can click on them to see the images bigger. Check out their music while you're at it, too :)

God Bless!

The fellas meetin' and greetin' the fans

Gabe Bondoc



To listen to Gabe's music go here

To listen to Leejay go here

To listen to Passion go here

The three of them put together makes a 
wonderfully talented collaboration
Check out of my favorite videos of them here

Above are the headliner performers with Troy Phi
They put on a great charity event for the Filipino community!

I'm glad I got a photo with Passion (thanks, Jeremy!). 
I missed Gabe and Leejay among their throng of fans.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen May!

I'm Stephanie, an e-board member historian from Troy Philippines! I found your photography blog through one of the TroyPhi eboard members of our club, and I was really blown away by your work from TMF and the rest of your blog!!! You are amazing! As a photographer on TP eboard, I'd like to learn more about photography and I'd love to keep in contact with you! I have work posted up on the TroyPhi website (www.troyphi.com), and also on my facebook from works long before TroyPhi started for me. However, I would really like to improve my photography skills, and as you might see, I'm not very good at photography.... Like I said, your work is amazing:)

Thank you for your help last night, We truly appreciate your kindness.

Stephanie Hsu
TP Historian

Jen May said...

Thanks for your kind words, Stephanie. I went ahead and uploaded all the photos from the night that you can check out here: http://jenmayphotography.zenfolio.com/p440383460/

Definitely keep in touch with any photography questions you may have :)

Good luck with your photography!