Sumo Tournament in L.A.

There are some good things that happen every once in a while such as winning tickets over the radio, reuniting with old friends, or witnessing a shooting star. Another event that happens to occur every once in a while is the Grand Sumo Tour visiting Los Angeles. In collaboration with Open Mic L.A. three other freelancers and I received press passes to document the event on June 8th at the L.A. Sports Arena. We all agreed it to be one of the best things to watch live! Remember you can click on the image to view the shots up close.

On the bottom row is Neel, James, Nikki, and I.

The action shots are demonstrations of what not to do during a match.

These wrestlers are as strong just as they are heavy!

Asashoryu won the overall title at the event. Asashoryu beat his opponent with an underarm throw in the overall champion playoff to claim the tournament's trophy.


Sahand said...

Dope shots! Good stuff Jen.

Ms. Trish said...

wow...they have major moobs (man boobs) :/

cant wait to move in!