First Day in Boston

It's been over a year since I've traveled to a new place for vacation. I'm often in and out of town for work, but when I got on the plane to Boston last night I told myself that it's finally time for me to relax and enjoy a week without the hustle and bustle of business demands. I thought of eliminating my time on the internet altogether during my trip, but updating you with photos and stories is something I cannot relinquish.

Today with my friends, Nadia and Jason, we spent our first few hours in Boston sleeping. We had just arrived off a red eye flight and easily crashed in the hotel lobby while we waited for an available room to check into. After a good nap we got out to walk along the Charles River to Harvard University. It only took us about 20 minutes to get on campus, not counting the time when were trying to figure out where we were on the map and how distracted our hungry stomachs made us. After we recharged with a good bowl of pho we decided it was best to keep our day simple and explore the halls and streets of Harvard for the remainder of the day. I think my favorite part today was trying to learn Urdu while sheltered from the rain at a foreign language bookshop.

I didn't use my camera too much today, but here's a few images for you to see:

Jason and Nadia outside Harvard's Peabody Museum



The three of us in front of Harvard Library

Finally, a cool boat that looks like a car cruising down the Charles River

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