Fun with Strobe Lighting

To take advantage of one of the empty rooms in my house I put up sheets as backdrops for a makeshift studio and illuminated the room with a single powerlight strobe. Two of my house mates, James and Nikki, eagerly modeled for my fashion freestyle session. We also took the strobe outside in our large driveway to create images in the night. It's been a couple years since I last devoted so many hours to absolute creative freedom with strobe, so I had an incredible time working with them. Here are a few of my favorite images from the session.

Part of Nikki's wardrobe for the night

Nikki and James, DJ with the mic check

Beautiful Nikki

She's loving it!

I think James enjoys reading avidly

A shot wedding photographers like to get of the groom

Not only is James a great musician, but also a great singer

If you've visited my studio, then you'd know what that camera could do!

Finally, the infamous shot that's become a house favorite

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